Maran Brang Seng and KIO’s Peace Efforts I

(An archive scenario on some of the Kachin historical eventful collections) Maran Brang Seng, on one of the occasions leading Lute Band group, cheerfully welcome visiting General Aung San to the Myitkyina, Kachinland in November 1946. General Aung San was in town to campaign the ethnic Kachin elders in the events pertaining to the forthcoming “Panglong […]

Memoirs of Kachin Peace Efforts (1963-1981)

First Attempts (1963) The military leader, General New Win’s Revolutionary Council (RC) seized the state power on 02 March 1962 and claimed to crush the insurgencies within two years in the entire country. In fact, his conventional ways of handling the ethnic insurgencies had little impact or effectiveness.  Soon after realizing that it was not […]